High Security

Prevent card cloning
  • Dual credential access (PIN and swipe)
  • MIFARE DESFire Encryption

Wireless Locks and Readers

Battery-powered devices
  • No cables needed
  • No cutting of drywall, doors, or door frames
  • Reduce installation time significantly

Remote Management

  • Manage users, cards/fobs, access levels, schedules, and more, from anywhere
  • We can even manage your systems for you

Elevator Controls

  • Control who can access elevators to certain floors at certain times
  • We work with elevator companies to ensure ease of installation and service

Bluetooth & Nearfield

  • Access entrances using only your phone
  • No need for a fob or card
  • Mobile apps

Overhead Door Solutions

  • Access parking garages and gated areas
  • Secure rollup doors with access control
  • RF and RFID remotes and window stickers

Our Suppliers