Intercom Systems


Condominiums or Rental Buildings




R3 offers a wide range of telephone entry systems for new construction, upgrades and retrofits.  An auto-dial connection eliminates the need for residents to keep a home phone line and offers them the ability to use their cell phones to allow visitors into their building.  Today’s intercoms offer many easy to use directory features such as back-lit lighting, electronic displays, scrolling resident lists and keyless entry options.








 Remote management capabilities

Manage your intercom system via a PC/Laptop to update the resident list or change the keyless entry code.

Commercial or Small Business Point to Point Intercom Systems


Intercom systems allow the end user to have a visual identification and audio communication with visitors to a site that has restricted access.  The user has the ability to unlock the door locally or remotely. These systems can also integrate with video surveillance systems (VMS/NVR) to record who gained access to your site.

These intercom systems are perfect for shipping/receiving doors, non-staffed reception areas, daycares, nursing homes, visitor controlled entrances, exterior gates, remote sites or unattended offices.

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