From Vulnerability to Assurance: How a Commercial Property Secured Their Valuable Equipment

March 9, 2024

Commercial Property

Facing a landscape of evolving risks, our customers are embracing transformative measures to ensure property safety and security. Among those is a farm equipment service and sales center loved by its community, but a victim of consistent burglary attempts. This is the story of their transformation from vulnerability to assurance.

The problem: Expensive equipment was insufficiently protected

Frustrated with consistent, and often successful, burglary attempts, this commercial property knew they needed a solution. The stolen equipment is highly valuable and due to the frequency of theft, difficult to insure. Prior to implementing a comprehensive security solution, the property was fully fenced in, with just one gated driveway. However, fences are easy to cut, and with no one on site at night to catch thieves in the act, the solution was not sufficient.

The solution: A combination of services provides comprehensive coverage

The customer knew they needed to implement some security systems and brought in R3 Integrators. Now, every door and window has a magnetic contact sensor on it. Glass break detectors and motion detectors were also installed for added protection of the building. If any of these devices are breached, an alarm is triggered. R3 recommended self-monitoring in addition to the monitoring of a central alarm station in this case as the owners lived nearby. By self-monitoring, the alarm system notifies the owners by text or email as soon as an alarm is tripped, giving them the opportunity to choose how the situation is to be handled. The monitoring station will also simultaneously notify the owner via a phone call as well.

Cameras were installed in both the interior and exterior of the building. Inside, the cameras provide general views of all entries, and all common areas where the expensive equipment is displayed. This provides both security and liability protection for the owner. Outside, the entire perimeter of the building, gate and yard is in view. A license plate recognition camera has the ability to clearly read and record all license plates entering the property. All of the cameras are recording 24/7 and the owner has the ability to see the live stream of each camera via their cell phone at any time.

Many security solutions providers may have stopped there, considering these systems sufficient enough. However, a potential problem still existed. Would-be burglars could cut or climb the fence and poke around the yard for a short amount of time before trying to get inside the building and tripping the alarm. Camera systems are a wonderful tool, but tend to be viewed after an incident has occurred.

To help solve this potential threat, R3 installed discrete perimeter photobeams around the yard. A would-be burglar wouldn’t even know the beams are there as they make no sound. The photobeams are programmed into the alarm system for immediate notification to the owner and the monitoring center.

By combining an alarm system, photobeams with perimeter video cameras and self-monitoring, this commercial customer had a fully secured solution that gave them peace of mind and helped deter potential break-in attempts.

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